2009 ILS Global English Language Elements Courses have been designed and developed by ILS Global Language University Press and ILS Global eNmedia! to be effective, efficient and incredibly simple to use for all our English Language Students.

The ILS English Language Elements Course is divided into ten Units with each Unit containing ten Elements. During one fifty-minute lesson with your ILS Global English teacher you will cover one Element in detail.

ILS Global English Language Elements have been written by highly experienced ILS Global Teachers who understand all the problems a language student will encounter whilst learning a new language. Fundamental grammatical principles are covered early in the first Unit with many examples included to help you permanently absorb essential information. Elements are constructed 'architecturally' and become more advanced during each individual lesson and as one lesson progresses into another.

ILS Global English Language students take two lessons each week for six weeks covering ten complete English Elements in the first five weeks. The eleventh lesson is a revision lesson and the twelfth lesson is an ILS Global Language Unit Examination. At this stage one complete Unit has been covered and a considerable amount of progress has been made by the English Language student in many fundamental areas of the English Language.

An English Language Element begins very simply and covers one essential aspect of the English Language. Starting with very clear and simple examples the student will be guided quickly by an experienced ILS Global English Language Teacher towards more advanced and interesting examples used on a daily basis by English speakers.