ILS Global Video English Language Tuition provides the student with all the benefits of a traditional English Language School...100% on-line and from the comfort of your own home or office. If you are on the move your lessons can also take place on your Blackberry or iPhone!

If you already have Skype on your PC or Lap-Top, you are ready to go! Just call free of charge: to speak to an ILS Global Course Coordinator. If you do not have Skype, ILS Global can recommend this as a highly effective and reliable service at zero cost. There are currently over two million users globally and ILS Global Language students can download Skype quickly, easily and completely free of charge. Once you have completed your registration there will be no extra charge for voice and video lessons with ILS Global Language Schools and once you have your new Skype Name you can call: free of charge at any time directly from your PC or Lap-Top.

Note: un-check the Google-Chrome Browser option during your Skype registration process if you do not wish to download GoogleChrome. Click for Skype.

ILS Global Video English Language Tuition: An Example.

At 6:25pm the ILS Global English Language Student will call using Skype directly from the student's PC or Lap-Top. At 6:25pm an ILS Global English Language Tutor will answer the student's call and invite the student to start a lesson at 6:30pm. The lesson will last 50 minutes concluding at 7:20pm.

It is as easy as making a free video-call from your computer!