ILS GLOBAL English Language Tuition.

A professional ILS Global English Language Teacher will provide the student with two fifty-minute lessons per week. All lessons will take place live, in real-time on your PC, Lap-Top, or even on your Blackberry or iPhone. All you will need is a web-cam!

During each fifty-minute lesson, an ILS Global Language Tutor will guide the student through one ILS Global English Language Element. The English Language student will first be asked to read through the entire Element, closely monitored by a Tutor for any errors in pronunciation or signs of uncertainty or hesitancy. The ILS English Language Tutor will encourage the student to speak confidently and clearly and will give full explanations as required to ensure full comprehension of the English Language Element being studied. The student is free to ask questions at any time and encouraged to speak freely with the Tutor when necessary. All didactic material will appear on-screen using the ILS Global eNmedia! workSpace, created specifically to eliminate all distractions for the student who need only speak, listen, read and write in English.

Each English Language Element starts with the most elementary examples regarding a specific area of the English Language and progresses during the fifty-minute lesson to more challenging and complicated examples demonstrating clearly to the student: the point at which errors begin to arise; how to easily avoid the most common and habitual mistakes; and giving a clear picture of what is required in order to speak English at the highest standards.

At the end of each lesson the student will have absorbed a considerable amount of fundamental information; will have spoken in English with a professional English Language Teacher continuously for fifty minutes; will be able to precisely identify his or her objectives in order to improve English Language skills and will have gained much confidence and experience in simply speaking English.