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Welcome to ILS GLOBAL International English Language Schools.

ILS-GLOBAL International English Language Schools specialise in English Language Training for individual private clients and international businesses around the world. We save our clients time and money and provide the very best professional English Language Training services at all times.

Based in London since 1999 and Rome since 2005, ILS Global now operates a growing network of university educated and highly experienced professional English Language teachers, using the best computer-based video conferencing services available and the revolutionary ILS eNmedia! workSpace to provide English Language students with ALL the benefits of a traditional English Language School and much more...100% ON-LINE!

ILS Global tutors a rapidly growing number of English Language students using the award wining 2010 ILS International English Elements Course, written, developed and updated by experienced professional English language teachers in collaboration with the ILS Global Language University Press. The International English Elements course has been created to meet all the needs of our English Language students from school children to banks and businesses operating on a global level...and all you will need is a web cam!

Contact ILS Global International English Language Schools. Click Contact and complete the On-Line Form or call ILS Global TEL: [0039] 340 4922 930 or E-Mail: ILS Global. ILS Course Coordinators are waiting to help you start your International English Revolution... TODAY!