1) How much will my ILS Global English Course cost?

Unit Courses of twelve fifty-minute lessons over six weeks (ten hours of individual tuition) cost €250 for all course bookings made before December 31st 2009.

2) How can I start my ILS Global English Language Course?

First, students should contact an ILS Global Course Coordinator: Click Contact to make an immediate On-Line enquiry or you can TEL: [0039] 340 4922 930 or alternatively you can send an SMS: [0039] 340 4922 930 containing your e-mail address. E-MAIL: ILS Global requesting Course Timetable Information, or SKYPE: with your contact details. (Click for Skype.)

A Course Timetable will be established for the student to start learning with a professional ILS Global English Language Tutor.

3) How will my English Course Timetable be organised?

There are four options. An appropriate hour will be established, for example, at 6:30pm (GMT). Two fifty minute-lessons will be reserved for you with an ILS Global English Language Tutor for six consecutive weeks at 6:30pm (GMT) on one of the following:

i) Monday and Thursday; ii) Tuesday and Friday; iii) Wednesday and Saturday; iv) Sunday (one 100-minute lesson).

4) Can I pay on-line for my ILS Global Course?

Yes. All payments to ILS Global Language Schools can be made on-line by credit card, Paypal or by international bank transfer. (See On-Line Payment for details.)

5) What do I need to start my ILS Global Course?

Students will need a web-cam, broadband internet connection and Skype which students can dowload quickly, easily and free of charge. Click for Skype.

6) When do ILS Global English Language Courses start?

The ILS Global network of teaching staff means that your course can begin at any time you choose. Courses can even begin the same day as your initial enquiry! Course Units last six weeks (10 hours of English tuition) based on two fifty-minute lessons with your ILS English Tutor per week. A full academic ILS Global English Language course contains ten Units (100 hours of English tuition) over one academic year.

7) Can I change the hour or cancel lessons during my course?

No. To enable an effective and efficient tuition service lesson times and dates are to be considered fixed at the time of booking. Experience shows that students benefit considerably by maintaining a well-structured course timetable. Cancelled lessons with your ILS-Global English Language Tutor cannot always be redeemed. However, ILS Global can sometimes allow students a certain amount of flexibility dependant upon Tutor availability.

8) Will I be able to speak English if I study with ILS Global?

Yes! All ILS Global lessons are conducted entirely in English. The student will speak in English from the start of the first lesson and lessons require that the student speaks in English for the majority of the time during each lesson. At the end of the first Unit the student will already have spoken in English for ten hours and significant improvements will have been made in both confidence and technical ability.

9) Why are more and more clients choosing ILS Global International Language Schools?

Because ILS Global students receive all the benefits of a professional English language school...100% live and on-line. Work from your office and work from home. Wherever you are and whatever your timetable, ILS Global teachers are always on-line and ready to provide the highest possible levels of service and efficiency.